1946-1959 Jean Wiswald

A new leaseof life.

After World War Two, the world functioned differently. Politics, economics andsociety were no longer governed by the same rules. Having been run andfrequented by wealthy English tourists, Golf Club Montreux evolved into a consortium modelheld by the local bourgeoisie with a system, which was more politicised ordynastic.
In 1946, Jean Wiswald, though a non-golfer, was appointedas President of Golf Club Montreux. Maria Clavel, from the canton of Valais and an excellentcook with a very strong personality, took control of the Club House restaurant. With her husband Maurice Clavel, they formed a couple who have become anintricate part of the history of the golf club.
The first post-war president restored the financial situation and theenvironment of Golf Club Montreux.
On his departure, the golf club had 109 members and surplus revenue.
In the meantime, club life had developed. The first Nestlé tournament in 1947, Spring competitions and national interclub matches introduced a rhythm to the scheduleof Golf Club Montreux. The first training courses of the Swiss Associationof golf instructors took place in 1950.
After Jean Wiswald relinquishing the office of President in 1959, Paul Mettraux took over the job.