1959-1976 Paul Mettraux

GCM, one of the most important golf clubs in Switzerland.

Bon vivant, diplomat and passionate about golf, Paul Mettraux was surrounded by René Genetti, Mario Rampone, Walter Stucker, Bepe Corosu, Billy Miauton and Claude Furer. Jacky Bagnoud, golf instructor and owner of the current Pro Shop, helped his father from 1972.
Continuing the momentum instilled by Jean Wiswald, Paul Mettraux and his team improved the life of Golf Club Montreux. An Indoor Golf Club was created in 1959 and the Pro Shop saw the light of day in 1964. Jean-Louis Chable became the second instructor in 1961. A Seniors section was created in 1966. The club badge was finally created in 1967 and a new Club House was opened in 1973.
The Golf Club of Montreux continued to host major competitions such as the Ladies Seniors National Championship, the Swiss championship of golf professionals or the Geneva Championship.
The golf course was redeveloped. Thanks to the acquisition of new plots of land, the course moved from 9 to 18 holes in 1964. The golf club is modernised. Automatic watering of the greens is installed.
The year 1976 is synonymous with the departure of Paul Mettraux. On retiring, he left behind for succeeding presidents one of the most prestigious clubs in Switzerland, which was frequented by more than 400 members.