27 September 1900

The creation of Golf Club Montreux

Golf Club Montreux was opened on Thursday, 27 September 1900.
Golf Club Montreux - J.M. GovettWe owe the creation of the club to Mr Govett, secretary of the Club Anglais in Montreux. The first golf club in French-speaking Switzerland was not founded to please the Swiss, but local clientele and notably English tourists. Passionate about golf, they had contacted Mr Charles-Louis Gilliéron. The characteristics of the estate of the Meleys, which belonged to him, were ideal for playing golf. The site was magnificent and huge, the surroundings marvellous and you could see the Dents-du-Midi mountains in the background. Interspersed with walls, the course at Aigle fully complied with the regulations for Golf Links.
So it was that Mr F. M. Govett returned to his countrymen with two excellent pieces of news, the relocation of the Club Anglais to the villa Miguel and the inauguration of the Golf Club Montreux.

Golf Club Montreux - CreationInitially, governance of the Golf Club Montreux was divided between F. M. Govett, the first honorary secretary, and Mr van de Wall Repelaer, honorary Consul of Holland and President of the Society of Entertainment of Montreux, who played a genuine role in the creation of the golf club.
From that time on, Golf Club Montreux would continue to experience ups and downs in line with the vagaries of history. Despite some difficulties, illustrious presidents, golfers and professional golfers have been able to improve the situation of our club so that it would become one of the largest golf clubs in Switzerland.