A new era

« Rejuvenation » of GCM.

Since the departure of Paul Mettraux, other historic captains such as Simone Biasini and Maurice Clavel have left Golf Club Montreux. From that time on, the golf club would only be run by a generation which had played golf since its youth.
The number of members continued to grow. The operators of Golf Club Montreux decided to limit the number of golfers in order to avoid confusion and discontent among members.
The agenda for the years 1980-1990 brought new matches, new prizes and championships. « La Brique » championship was given formal status in 1979, the prix du Presidents Award in 1983, the first Grand Prix of the Office of Tourism Golden Eagle in 1989. The fourth ski-golf was played in Montreux in 1980. The hope of François Fragnière, the first People to People match was held in 1985.
Under the supervision of the Office of Tourism in Montreux, Golf Club Montreux was subject to trade requirements. Having become an association of more than 500 members, these requirements became too difficult to implement. On 17 November 1999, Golf Club Montreux became the owner. In this way it could fully respond to the aspirations of players.
Golf Club Montreux has been transformed. The secretariat and Pro Shop project was successfully concluded in 1984. A portico entrance was built in 1986. The Driving Range was separated from the course by fencing in 1988. The car wash was developed in 1990. A small block with toilets and a sheltering balcony was built in 1998. Golf Club Montreux has been provided with the latest technology, and the secretariat and the security system are computerised.
Club life continues to escalate. Since 1994, Christmas celebrations are organised each year. A « Tee Time » bulletin has been distributed to every member of Golf Club Montreux since 1993.
Its centenary year, 2000, marked a watershed in the history of Golf Club Montreux. It was celebrated with dignity and a new handicap system has just rejuvenated the habits of our golfers.