The early 20th century

The enthusiastic beginnings of GCM.

At the beginning of the 20th century, golf in Switzerland was considered as a winter sport. This season represented the best tourist season for Switzerland. Tourists from around the four corners of the globe were attracted to the Vaud Riviera. Golf Club de Montreux then became a considerable asset to withstand the competition.

Golf Club Montreux - Club House 1901Up to World War One, Golf Club Montreux expanded and began to feel like a real golf club. The Club House was opened in 1901. Dating from 1793, the main building would be extended by a brick veranda in 1904 and an old French country-style annexe in 1908. Each year presentations were organised at the Grand Hotel. New landscaping was decided on, new bunkers and new greens. In order to facilitate transportation of players from the station, a partnership with Mr Massip, a transport provider, was set up.

Golf Club Montreux - 17th holeThe first competitions saw the light of day as a Geneva-Montreux match, the Madame de Sales Jenkins Cup, the Spring Competition, interclub matches and different national and even international championships.
Given the growing success of the club, putting and driving competitions were organised. From 1904, the club even opened all year round.
In 1907, the Kursaal property company became owner of the domaine des Meleys. It decided amongst other things to redevelop the restaurant.
Three years later in 1910, Mr Roberts, a great professional golfer, settled in Montreux and joined Golf Club Montreux. He would remain with us until 1963 in charge of developing the site.
Before World War One, Golf Club Montreux had up to 120 members.